Relevance and Reach

Understanding influencers and their audiences can mean determining the extent to which proximity and relevance to the promoted brand/product/subject is compared to their level of influence. In other words, targeting influencers who regularly post about pertinent topics but have a lower profile can be preferable to those with the highest possible profile who only occasionally mention related topics.


Specific goals may include lead generation, direct sales, referred traffic, link backs or simply reach or impressions. Prioritizing these goals determines how exactly the influencers are sourced, partnered with and of course measured.

  • Increase sales
  • Increase overall reach
  • Get people to try a product
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It takes Insight, Strategy and Creativity

The lucrative potential of influencer marketing is realized through the research and mining of ever-changing social media landscapes. Consumers are now so entrenched in the social lifestyle that businesses are under pressure to do more than simply participate. Utilizing ongoing analysis of social media gives us insights into new cutting edge strategies for delivering uniquely creative content through relevant influencers.

Why Influencers?

People choose to follow influencers because their content is personally relevant and valuable to them. People listen when influencers talk and trust what they have to say.

Whose using influencer marketing?

Universal Avon Kraft Paramount Diesel Time Inc Show Time IHOP Phillips Disney Toshiba NBC Sports Walgreens Virgin CCF Sports Illustrated Del Taco People Armor-All Dreamworks Vail EMI American Express WB

are you?


What we do

  • Identify and understand influencers and their audiences
  • Manage scheduling, communication and outreach
  • Amplify high-performing content, through influencer distribution
  • Measure performance of influencer generated content
  • Manage legal, disclosures and payments


Influencer marketing is an investment in marketing credibility by engaging consumers in the ways they choose to communicate.

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